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Straight A Nursing provides support, mentoring, and education to nursing students.

Are you a nursing student or pre-nursing student looking for information about nursing school or help with studying?

Maybe you’re an RN who enjoys the constant and continuous learning that comes with the job. If that sounds like you, then Straight A Nursing is the place to be! Here you’ll find lessons on a variety of topics, study guides and tutorials to help you succeed in nursing school (and on the job!).

Maureen (Nurse Mo)


It’s Nice to Meet You!

Are you new here? Come sit with me!

Hi, I’m Nurse Mo and I love mentoring nursing students and new nurses! 


"Hi Nurse Mo, your bootcamp modules are worth it and sooo much more. The best pre-nursing program before starting! Thank you for creating this!" - Michelle


"I just finished my first week of nursing school and I just have to say THANK YOU, NURSE MO! Bootcamp helped me prepare so much and I already feel ahead of the game."

I remember what it was like to be exactly where you are. I also remember what it was like to pour absolutely everything I had into nursing school. To say I was stressed is a massive understatement. Looking back, I wish I’d had a mentor to guide me along the way; a trusted friend I could turn to for helpful advice and words of wisdom. That’s exactly why I created this website. I want to be that person for you!

I am an experienced ICU and PACU registered nurse with a MSN in nursing education. I started this website in 2014 and it has been a labor of love and constant source of inspiration. Since then I’ve added a book, two podcasts, and online courses to help nursing students thrive. I am currently in the development stage of an app and am always brainstorming ideas that can help nursing students learn more with a lot less stress and uncertainty.

When I’m not at the hospital or working at my desk, I am usually hanging out with my adorable husband, spoiling the cat I stole from my neighbors, enjoying the beautiful area we live in, falling into Pinterest rabbit holes, or spending time with treasured friends. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I’m enjoying creating it.

Best of luck to you!
- Nurse Mo


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